A man in Indonesia is Best Friends with a Tiger


Abdullah Alshallah in Indonesia is in a unique relationship with a 27 stone Tiger. He helped raise Mulan ever since she was 3 months old. The pair is so close that the hug, kiss, and even play-fight that sometimes Mulan get carried away.

In Abdullah’s words, “I am happy that I am able to live with a tiger. I try to understand her nature, her mood, her daily and even momentary feelings in order to continue living with her. I was lucky, Mulan’s claws nearly took my eye out. It scratched just below my eyeball, and it cut the lower eye lid. If an accident happens, I know it is not her intention. She is just being a Tiger, but I take that risk every time I go in with her”

Abdullah cares for the Tiger daily, he said since the Tiger arrived his location, he has always looked after her. He stays with her night and day and Mulan feels bad when Abdullah is not by her side.

Although Abdullah prepares fresh meet for Mulan, she likes nothing as much as instant noodles. Regardless of the risk involved in such a relationship, Abdullah is determined to maintain the relationship with Mulan.

In 2009, he was asked to baby sit the then 3 months old Tiger, the pair have become inseparable, playing together, sleeping together, an even eating together.

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