Blackface drops His own version of African Queen


Blackface drops his own version of African-Queen After Accusing 2Face Idibia of stealing African Queen From Him…

Blackface finally drops his own version of African Queen After Accusing 2Face Idibia of stealing this premier song From Him for 15 Years.

Nigerian based singer, Blackface has moved on from his tussle with former bandmate, 2baba ‘their’ track, African Queen.

Blackface who co-wrote the song had accused 2baba, who popularised the track, of stealing it from him. Well, moving forward, Blackface has now released his own version of the controversial track.

Blackface’s version sounds very similar to the 2004 released version by 2baba except for the third verse.

According to reports from Premium Times, Blackface explained that he gave the initial singer the right to sing the song but Tu-face never gave credit to him as the writer.

Explaining further, Blackface said that he removed the third verse 2baba added to the song when it was produced by OJB and added his own original lyrics making this version a complete original.

Listen to Blackface’s Version Below

Could this end His long-range hatred for Tu-face


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