The First underground hotel opens in Shanghai

WOrld Firs Underground Hotel

November 20th will go down in history as the day the world’s first underground hotel opens in Shanghai. The hotel project took a period of 10 years and approximately 5,000 workers to complete.  Located 30 kilometers from the center of the East China metropolis Shanghai, the hotel is built near the Sheshan mountain botanic gardens.

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According to Xinhua, there are 18 floors in the hotel, 16 of these are underground, while two floors are completely underwater inside the hotel. These rooms aside from those underwater will feature unique underground scenery and balcony views of the waterfall spilling down the quarry walls. 336 rooms of the hotel have been fully booked against the opening day.

The hotel according to Xinhua is a wonderland designed by the same architects who created the third tallest hotel in the world the ‘Dubai’s BuryAl Arab’. The hotel will create a record as the lowest underground five start hotel built globally.

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Building such a hotel on a crater with an elevation of 86meters below ground level has met many construction challenges such as drainage, transportation of building materials, natural disaster prevention that required innovative engineeringXinhua said. It is believed that the hotel’s reverse sky development will become a revolutionary architectural design.



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