Gov Umahi, President Buhari And Nigeria’s Federal System

The Federal System of Government


Trending on the Social media for some days now is a roguish attempt by some desperate Ebonyi State online APCists to cast aspersions on the hard earned reputation of the Ebonyi State Governor and Chairman, South East Governor’s Forum, Engr ( Dr) David Nweze Umahi,a staunch member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, a platform where he served as a State Party Chairman,Deputy Governor and now State Governor.

The canard being peddled by these journey men, who serve myth as reality is a fruitless attempt to make Nigerian’s believe that Umahi’s cordial working relationship with President Buhari is an act of disloyalty to his party, PDP. This canard which the APC, seeks to pass to the unsuspecting public is not only pathetic but ill intentioned ,as it seeks to convey the impression that opposition should thrive on acrimony, confrontation, name calling, open disagreement etc.

For clarity purposes, these purveyors of falsehood and agents of acrimony needs to be reminded that Nigeria is a constitutional Democracy with the quasi Federating unit variant, made up of the Centre with a 36 State structure and Abuja as the Federating units.
What this means, is that constitutionally these units are meant to collaborate over the administration of the Country.

The futile attempt therefore to cast aspersions on the loyalty of Governor Umahi to his party, the PDP, for not engaging Buhari in a fight, must be seen for what it is, politics writ large, as the interpretation is at odd with democratic tenets and the interpersonal relationship expected in a Federal State and will spawn dangerous crisis if such roguish interpretation should be allowed to trump our common sense.

We must not loose sight of the fact that blame game is an electoral strategy of the APC, which they intend to maximize as we approach the elections, to attract the sympathy and support of the undiscerning electorate, as such these same elements would still have latched on to any known altercation with Buhari, to declare Gov Umahi as lacking respect for the person and office of the President and Commander – in – of Nigerian Armed Forces.

Whatever that may have taken over the psyche of the APCists that gave birth to such rogue interpretation must not be allowed to change a consensus of what values should undergird our democracy and interpersonal relationship in the society.

Umahi’s anchor mantra since assuming office, has remained, that politics must end after elections, for the arduous task of governance and development. Rather than vilify Umahi, he should be commended for not engaging in needless ego battles but channeling his energies towards dismantling encumbrances that made life unworthy for Ebonyians by tackling the evident lack of development in his State.

One thing is certain, Umahi is not lacking in boldness and courage. He has never hesitated when they is need for immediate action,stuttered when speaking in clear terms is the imperative nor stooped when standing firm and erect is demanded.But he believes that you can disagree without necessarily being disagreeable. Yes, you can disagree without resorting to name calling. You can disagree without creating tension. You can disagree without threaten ing the polity. You can condemn the government’s wrong steps, retrogressive policies and inconsistencies without sensationalising same.

Gov Umahi comes from a background that abhors lack of respect for one’s boss. All through the build up to the 2015 election,not once did Umahi respond to the scathing name calling of his boss, Chief Elechi. In evidence also is Umahi’s Christian values demonstrated in his fraternal and equal treatment of every section of the State, Ndigbo and Nigerians without prejudice to their party affiliation or religious bent. He is a guiding light in the politics of mutual co- existence, respect for one another and the offices they have been elected to occupy.

May I advise the APC in Ebonyi State to focus on creating and propagating their campaign promises as well as mobilising voters for the 2019 elections rather than engaging in the fruitless attempt at casting aspersions on Gov Umahi’s loyalty to his party. Gov Umahi is a loyal and committed member of PDP and is working assiduously for his return and for the success of the Atiku/Obi ticket.

The propaganda of the APC failed woefully in 2015 as Umahi was elected overwhelmingly by Ebonyians and will fail in 2019 as Umahi shall win with a landslide.


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