Meet Dr Wendy Okolo: An Award-winning NASA Aerospace Engineer

Meet Dr Wendy Okolo: An Award-winning NASA Aerospace Engineer

Meet Dr Wendy Okolo. Wendy is the first black woman to obtain a Postgraduate Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas, Arlington.Wendy also won the 2019 BEYA Global Competitiveness Conference award as the most promising engineer in the United States government.

Dr Wendy Okolo of Nigerian nationality works as an Aerospace Research Engineer at the Ames Research Center, a major National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research centre in California’s Silicon Valley. NASA is the United States agency in charge of the civilian space program, aerospace research and aeronautics.

Wendy Okolo is the special emphasis programs manager in the ISD (Intelligent Systems Division) of the Ames Research Center in NASA.

She is currently leading work on a System-Wide Safety (SWS) project, and a Space Technology Mission Directorate Early Career Initiative (STMD-ECI) project.

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The System-Wide Safety (SWS) project was initiated to help predict GPS faults in unmanned aerial systems commonly known as drones. While the STMD-ECI project, aims to develop unconventional control techniques for deployable vehicles, to enable precision landing and improve maneuverability during the entry, descent, and landing phases of spaceflight.

Her past is just as impressive; at only 26 years old she became the first black woman to obtain a PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she earned both her undergraduate and doctoral degrees.

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