Peter Obi Reveals That His Children Do Not Own Cars and Gives Reasons.


The Vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party(PDP) has recently explained why his children do not have personal cars attributing it to the fact that they can’t currently afford it.

Obi, while speaking to kinsmen in Agulu, Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State during a lecture organised in his honour by Agulu Peoples Assembly, said Nigeria is a place where people crave free money to live in luxury.

“Some people don’t like it that way. They believe I am rich and that my children should not be trekking, and that they should be provided cars. But I believe they do not have the money; so, they have to trek.

“Who will give them cars — is it me? My money is my own; so, they should work for theirs.”

He said he was not contesting the VP position to make money, but to build a better Nigeria.

He described Nigeria as “a collapsing country” that needed to be salvaged by voting for the right crop of leaders who have been tested and proved.

“I have been five years out of government, and no one has come to say any one naira was missing in government under my watch. EFCC can come and probe me if they like, I am not afraid.

“I am not here to campaign to my people because I come from here and you know what I did in Anambra.Just give me the opportunity and we will change Nigeria, and the country will start working again,” he said in his closing remarks.


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